Elevator - Heisenberg's Factory B4 (Resident Evil Village)

Image of Elevator - Heisenberg's Factory B4
This place is linked to the following locations: B1 Walkway, B3 Walkway, B4 Walkway, Scrapheap.
LocationHeisenberg's Factory (Heisenberg's Factory B4, Heisenberg's Factory B1, Heisenberg's Factory B3, Heisenberg's Factory B5)   | Show on map


  • Image of The Duke

    The Duke

    Sitting on the north side of the elevator.
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  • Image of Typewriter


    On a small round table next to The Duke.
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  • Image of Goat of Warding

    Goat of Warding

    On one of the horizontal support structures of the elevator shaft. When you ascend from B3 to B1, look out through the west side of the elevator and the goat will pass by you. Alternatively, stand on the B3 Walkway and look up at the elevator shaft to see it and shoot it.
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