Officer's Diary (Resident Evil Village)

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The King's orders finally arrived... "Withdraw."

It is most vexing that we must abandon the border stronghold to those heretics. If I had but a little more time, I know I might be able to turn the tides of this battle.

Nay... I should not put on airs. It is my curiosity that ties me to this place.

There are a number of ruins in the vicinity which the locals say are very ancient.

The ceremony site with four giant statues.
The caves with murals carved on the walls.
The stone plinth they call the Giant's Chalice.

Where did the people who built them come from?
Where did they go? It irks me that we must abandon this place without knowing.


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    Small Cavern - Stronghold B1

    On the floor on the east side of the southern chamber.
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