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Eugen's Diary (Resident Evil Village)

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February 1st

Sacrificed two goats to Mother Miranda.

February 3rd

Offered wool to Mother Miranda.

She instructed I find her a list of drugs and tools in the next dew days.

What for, I wonder?

February 8th

No messages from Mother Miranda.

Yet the livestock won't stop their ruckus.

February 9th

I was instructed to take the items to the cave church at sunrise.

But what I saw was...frightful.

The great Four Lords were there and Mother Miranda was holding a child.

She whispered something and touched the child...

I can't explain it well but...the child...turned into a white crystal?


I couldn't help but speak up and I asked her why she did such a thing.

Mother Miranda just smiled at me. "This is the chosen child. She will return to her original form no matter what befalls her."

Then she gave each lord a part of the crystal in a flask and they left.

I forgot to bow to Mother Miranda before I fled.

I'm still shaking.

What did she do?
What is that child?


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