Baby (Resident Evil Village)

Image of Baby
A horrendous mutation of a large deformed baby. It is never stated whether this creature actually exists or if it is all just an illusion created by Donna Beneviento and her hallucinogenic abilities. However this creature will stalk you nonetheless, screaming baby-like noises in an extremely disturbing fashion. If you let it get too close, it will devour you in one mouthful. The only way to avoid this is to use the furniture to your advantage, such as hiding in lockers, crawling under the bed, or using objects in the middle of a room to block its access to you.


  • Image of Main Corridor - House Beneviento B1

    Main Corridor - House Beneviento B1

    Appears here once you have acquired the Breaker Box Key. It will then follow you around the basement until you escape.
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