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Newspaper article on the relationship of the FBC to Terragrigia.

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Daily Courier Article 1

London Daily Courier
Tragedy in Terragrigia
By Donatello Luzzaschi

A beast slouches toward Europe to be born, and that beast is the Federal Bioterrorism Commission. What is unique about this beast is that the Federal Species Protection Committee that gave birth to it was no beast itself, and was intended to assist the U.S. in its counter-bioterrorism efforts. Unfortunately, Europe has become the home to a tragedy that has roused the beast.

The FBC has taken complete control of the biohazard outbreak in Terragrigia, and has in effect barred the participation of other countries.

Terragrigia is an aquapolis that was developed jointly by U.S. and European teams to research and develop alternative energy sources. The impetus behind the city's development was twofold: the Europeans wanted to halt climate change, and the Americans hoped to develop energy sources for Africa. To that end the city was placed strategically in the Mediterranean Sea.

Terragrigia has enjoyed cooperative administration by both sides, and has been held up as a model of successful U.S.-European cooperation.

The terrorist attack in Terragrigia has put the kibosh on that.

According to conditions stipulated in the treaty outlining Terragrigia's governance, both the U.S. and Europe have equal authority during a terrorist attack. Only "during the event of bioterrorism" does the FBC assume a leadership role.

The FBC was formed with the express purpose of dealing with threats posed by bioterrorism. They have a crack squad of soldiers on permanent standby, and by that measure, they have the most expansive charter of any organization in Europe. During a time of crisis, they have the blessing of the U.S. to take charge and control the situation.

And that is how the FBC came to be in charge of the current chaos in Terragrigia. FBC Commissioner Morgan Lansdale has announced that EU involvement will not be tolerated while his organization deals with the crisis.

European authorities pressed Lansdale to respect their rights in this matter, and they were able to convince him to bring in Commander Clive R. O'Brian of the BSAA, a well respected international civilian group. The problem, however, is even though O'Brian himself is a bioterrorism expert, he is working with virtually no support staff, which limits the scope of actions he can take.

While the story on the tragedy is still unfolding, it would seem that the FBC is ignorant of the extent of the suffering in Terragrigia.

Whether Lansdale has the ability and the intelligence to handle this attack without becoming a Yeatsean beast also remains to be seen.


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