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Communication Officer's Journal (Resident Evil Revelations)

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The Communication Officer's Journal.


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Communication Officer's Journal

Day 1
I made the right decision coming up to the promenade. I've got food and beverages to last me a long time. I can still here those things out there, clawing on my door or looking for prey. Too bad they ain't getting in here!

I have no idea if anyone else is still alive, but I know I'm going to make it through this alright.

Day 2
Shit! Those damn things got through the air ducts! But I put them all down before they could could do any real damage.

I've trained for this, and I trained hard. Hats off to me.
Good thing I was up when it happened. No more deep sleeps for me.

Day 3
After yesterday's surprise party, I haven't been able to sleep a wink. My nerves are frayed. I wish I wasn't the only one here.

Pretty tired today. Don't feel well. I better not get sick. I shouldn't move.

Need to conserve energy. Just hang in there.

I think this is Day 4.
I got a fever.
Hope those monsters don't find me like this. I'm so out of it. Am I infected? Is it just a cold?

There's a big lump on my head. It hurts. Wish I had someone to talk to. So alone.

How many days is it?
I found someone to talk to. So happy. He's very funny. Tells lots of jokes. Lots. They're funny. I laugh...laugh
His face is too close... In my face...

He thinks so too
No room to move
Had a fight
He wanted all the foods
He was eating meat... Good, tasty meat
I saw his face... Chewing... Eating
No meat for me... Looked tasty...
His head looks tasty...

cant move
me not me
who is me
help please help
mayday maydayyyyyyy

maaaa aa aa aaa y
daaaaaaaaaa a aaay

meat meat
eat eat eaty



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