King (Silver) (Resident Evil 6)

Image of King (Silver)
A silver token in the shape of a king chess piece.

This item is worth 4,000 Skill Points when acquired. Skill Points are used to purchase additional skills that can be attached prior to starting a chapter.
CategoryMiscellaneous object


  • Image of Leon - Chapter 2

    Leon - Chapter 2

    1 × King (Silver) - Cathedral. After defeating the Lepotitsa, proceed into the revealed hidden passageway towards the Underground Lab. Before going through the double doors, check the small chest on the right-hand side for the skill points.
  • Image of Chris - Chapter 3

    Chris - Chapter 3

    1 × King (Silver) - Stilt Housing Area. When you have jumped over all of the floating platforms and boats, you will arrive on a docking platform that has Ada's jet-ski floating next to it. Next to some nearby oil barrels is a chest containing the skill points.
    1 × King (Silver) - Medical Research Center. When you are in the sealed room fighting off the remote controlled mines hovering around on the floor, you must escape the room before Leon and Helena in the adjacent room. If you manage to do this, you will emerge in the corridor and find three chests, one of which contains these skills points.
  • Image of Jake - Chapter 2

    Jake - Chapter 2

    1 × King (Silver) - Mountain Path. When you reach the north western area that has FOS Memory Device C, look inside the hut. The skill points are in the chest inside.
    1 × King (Silver) - Cave. During the first section of the cave where you learn the basics of hiding from Ustanak by jumping in the dumpster, there is a wall of icicles further along that blocks your access to a chest. You must be very careful and smash the icicles with a Remote Bomb and be able to quickly hide n the dumpster before you get spotted. This is easier to achieve in co-op mode, but if you manage to destroy the ice wall without being spotted then you can access the chest containing the skill points.
  • Image of Jake - Chapter 3

    Jake - Chapter 3

    1 × King (Silver) - Research Facility - Entrance. Can only be obtained when playing as Jake. When you jump over the tank and proceed inside the building, you will find yourself in a large room separated by a glass wall. The skill points are in the section of the room containing the sports car and motorbike, inside a metal case on the table in the corner between the two red seats.
  • Image of Jake - Chapter 4

    Jake - Chapter 4

    1 × King (Silver) - Shopping District. When you reach the building where you need to climb the flights of stairs, climb them until you've reach the top of the fourth flight. Here there is a chest containing the skill points.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 2

    Ada - Chapter 2

    1 × King (Silver) - Underground Lab. After using the Laboratory Key, you will eventually be walking down the hallway when a Napad will burst through the doorway in front of you. The skill points are inside a chest in the area it burst from.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 3

    Ada - Chapter 3

    1 × King (Silver) - Train. After you use your grappling hook to disembark the train you will find yourself in a block of flats. Climb the stairs and look in the desk draw of the room directly ahead of you. You will find the skill points inside.
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