Lepotitsa (Resident Evil 6)

Image of Lepotitsa
This bulbous beast carries gas inside that can turn humans into zombies. If there are other humans nearby, it will navigate towards them and spew its blue gas onto them, transforming them into zombies. Shooting this creature in its body will cause it to spew grey gas, which causes damage at close range.


  • Image of Leon - Chapter 2

    Leon - Chapter 2

    1 × Lepotitsa - Cathedral. Appears in the main hall of the cathedral after placing the Madonna of Grief and the Madonna of Sorrow on the pedestals.
  • Image of Leon - Chapter 4

    Leon - Chapter 4

    1 × Lepotitsa - Inside the Airplane. Appears at the very start of the chapter inside the cockpit, and again down in the loading bay.
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