Gnezdo (Resident Evil 6)

Image of Gnezdo
This unique B.O.W. appears as a swarm of insects shaped like a human, but its true form is that of a large, bee-like insect. In battle, it hides within the swarm and only emerges when the swarm is dispersed after suffering a certain amount of damage.


  • Image of Chris - Chapter 3

    Chris - Chapter 3

    1 Gnezdo - Poisawan Inner Area. After defeating the Iluzija you will proceed up the stairs to another room. In this room Marco will be transformed into a Chrysalid, which in turn will produce a Gnezdo you have to defeat.
  • Image of Chris - Chapter 5

    Chris - Chapter 5

    1 Gnezdo - Underwater Facility. Emerge from one of the chysalids that appear on the conveyor belts in the circular room with all the switches.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 1

    Ada - Chapter 1

    Gnezdos - Submarine - Torpedo Room. Emerge from chrysalises you encounter as you attempt to restore power.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 4

    Ada - Chapter 4

    1 Gnezdo - Aircraft Carrier - Bridge. You encounter one of these when you enter the control room.
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