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Napad (Resident Evil 6)

Image of Napad
The Nepad is a heavily armoured B.O.W. that is seemingly indestructible. Its attack are straightforward - it charges at you or punches you, both of which can be countered or easily avoided by staying out of its way. If the Nepad connects with a punch, it grabs you and slams you to the ground if you don't manage to break free. Put simply, stay out of its way.

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  • Image of Chris - Chapter 2

    Chris - Chapter 2

    Napads - City Hall. Inside the room that contains all of the chrysalids. When you jump down from the balcony and approach, the chrysalids will hatch Napads.
    Napads - City Hall. After exploring the building and meeting up with Carla, you will return to the main hall to find that the chrysalids in here are now hatching and releasing numerous Napads.
    Napads - City Hall. When you drop down into the warehouse section, there are chrysalids in this area that hatch Napads.
  • Image of Chris - Chapter 3

    Chris - Chapter 3

    1 Napad - Stilt Housing Area. As you are jumping over the boats and platforms to escape the helicopter, as you near the end point you will encounter a Napad on one of the houseboats.
  • Image of Chris - Chapter 5

    Chris - Chapter 5

    Napads - Underwater Facility. Emerge from the chysalids that appear on the conveyor belts in the circular room with all the switches.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 2

    Ada - Chapter 2

    2 Napads - Underground Lab. These creatures will, on two occasions, smash through doors ahead of you and charge towards you as you approach the entrance to the laboratory after using the Laboratory Key.
    Napads - Underground Lab. You need to fight off several of these creatures when the alarm goes off after attempting to proceed through the laboratory.
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