Village Records Vol. 2 (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

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All the men cheered when they heard the boat as it raced across the surface of the water.

That magnificent oil will surely help us catch fish easier than ever before.

The ironworks was only built a year ago but has already merged well with the village. Our sickles and knives shine like never before.

The two fish we got from the deal will eat almost anything and are breeding well. The fish farm in the swamp is also making excellent progress.

During the day, I teach literacy and mathematics to the children. Every evening, I dine with a single family to hear their grievances and recent gossip, all under the roof of this home we built.

Since I opened the village up to the outside, we have prospered and the people are happier. Smiles have even started to appear on their faces.

A strange group of black-robed people descended upon the village from the castle and raised an ominous flag with a spider-like insignia upon it.

After preaching about salvation and forgiveness, they injected us with something they claim will cure us of madness. Can they be trusted?


  • Image of Village Chief's Manor - Village Chief's Manor, Abandoned Factory & Valley

    Village Chief's Manor - Village Chief's Manor, Abandoned Factory & Valley

    Inside the attic of the manor. On the edge of the bench in the south east corner of the attic.
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