Superior Species Report (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

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Dearest Lord Saddler,

I am overjoyed to report wonderful news! Production of the superior species of las plagas is officially underway.

If all goes accordingly, rest assured that we will reach our ultimate goal.

The plaga is a truly magnificent organism.
It has the capacity to live in any vertebrate, be it human, dog, or even crow.
There is no other parasite like it on earth.

The superior species is particularly impressive, as it can assimilate with a host without causing any damage to the brain.

No one can oppose the strength of your dominance, my lord.

On the contrary, who would resist once they experience the utter joy that accompanies the absence of free will?

I am living proof.
How ignorant I once was.

In a few days, I will have finished administrating the plaga to all the high-ranking researchers, and then they too shall know.

And when your plan is complete, the whole world shall know!

Anabel GarcĂ­a Escudero, Head Researcher


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    Amber Storeroom - Island Facility 2F

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