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Operation Javier.
Few people have heard the name, even within the highest ranks of the US government.
And little wonder too, the operation was not made public. It was conducted in secret, and then buried.

The reason being—it was too inhumane.

It all started back in 2002 when a small unit of US special forces was sent to infiltrate an area of South America.

Their mission was to eradicate the drug cartels. The whole operation took several years to prepare for and only the most elite soldiers were selected to participate.

I don't know if the mission was a failure or not, but I do know the fate of those elite soldiers once it was over.

Apparently, the entire unit was wiped out except for the commanding officer, Major █████.
And not by the cartels, but by the US.

It shouldn't have been difficult to extract a single stranded unit. All it would have taken was a single helicopter. But for some reason, the military didn't act.

Rumors say that the decision was the outcome of a power struggle among the top brass, others say it was a directive from the former president himself. But we may never know the truth since it was all covered up.

But I'm certain of one thing.

The US government let those people die.
Brave, young people who dedicated their lives to protect their country.

I want to expose this crime, not because it's my responsibility as a reporter, but because it's my duty as a fellow American.

Note 1:
This document concerns Operation Javier and was written by an American journalist named ██ ████.

Note 2:
This article will never be published.
████ has already been taken care of.


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