Rearing Log (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

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This file details the growth of the El Gigante that is being held in the Quarry.
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6 months:
Its teeth have only just come through, but it shoves everything within reach into its mouth. It can't walk yet, but it swallowed a dog whole!

9 months:
It already towers over me but it keeps growing. The town hall can no longer contain it.

10 months:
It keeps growing even after moving to the quarry. It can devour a whole cow in only three days.

13 months:
It can swing our largest pickaxe as if it were a twig. One of the men in the village was almost eaten today, too. It's not getting enough food.

17 months:
There are only a few cows left now. At this rate, the whole village will starve.

We summoned help from the castle and had them put the beast to sleep with an incantation. Hopefully, it won't wake for a long time.


  • Image of Quarry - Village Church, Quarry & Fish Farm

    Quarry - Village Church, Quarry & Fish Farm

    On the ground inside the area that El Gigante emerged from, This area is accessible after acquiring the Church Insignia.
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