Ramón's Confession (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

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My lord! My true benevolent Father!
Bless the Salazar bloodline with an iron hammer.

The founder of my family proclaimed the holy teachings of Los Iluminados evil and persecuted its followers. Not only that, he stole their most prized possession and sealed it below the castle.

Blasphemy! Insolence!
How long have I suffered the shame of knowing that the same blood flows through my veins!
Finally, the day of atonement has come!

Oh, my beloved Lord Saddler!
I shall release the holy plagas that were hidden under the castle. The time is now!

With divine grace, the wicked shall be reborn as a part of the flock. Reborn as ganado!
They shall be my lord's loyal servants!

Nothing would please me more than to sit at my lord's feet and bask in your splendor.

I am your humble servant.
You are my eternal light.

To you, I swear my unwavering allegiance.


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    Throne Room - Castle Ballroom 1F, Antechamber & Throne Room

    On the small table on the north side of the east side of the room.
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