Quarterly Findings - Excerpt (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

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Summary: Effects and uses of specific drugs on the plaga during the early stages of growth

Place: Facility 1 - Meeting Room S

Presenter: Head Researcher Anabel García Escudero
Questioner: Researcher Ryan Chen

—And that's all for today's report. Any questions?

—So, basically, this "suppressant" can prevent the host from turning into a monster?

—(Laughter) "Monster" is a bit dramatic!
But yes, you could say the host loses a part of their humanity when infected with the parasite.

—Initial symptoms include mild abdominal pain and hemoptysis, followed by dizziness and even loss of consciousness. Once fully developed, the parasite gains complete control. In other words, the host becomes a puppet.

—The suppressant that we've developed can inhibit the growth of this parasite.

—So, it can only delay the inevitable, right? Like "having one more beer" before going home.

—(Laughter from multiple people)

—Well yes, when you put it that way. But sooner or later, the bar closes. The suppressant can't completely remove las plagas from the hosts.