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Name: Luis Serra Navarro
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Serra's name first appears publicly in a university student registry.
No prior records have been discovered, including his birth certificate.

After graduating from university, he was employed by Umbrella's research division, where he became a rising star who won favor among his peers.

He was involved in the development of several common over-the-counter drugs, all of which were discontinued before ever reaching the market. (See the attached list for details.)

A few years later, Serra resigned from Umbrella and could not be located.

After the Raccoon City Incident, efforts were made by law enforcement and the government to track down anyone with links to Umbrella, but despite conducting an extensive search, they were unable to find him.

Considering how well he evaded them, we are almost certain Serra went to great lengths to disappear.

In Hunnigan's handwriting:
"Common over-the-counter drugs"? Do you seriously think that Umbrella would let one of their best work on some antacid or beauty cream?

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