Iluminados Final Chapter (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

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Praise be to the holy insects!
We have been promised paradise on earth!

Man, woman, or child!
His love does not discriminate!
Beast, fish, or bird!
All creatures shall be equally blessed!

Praise be to the holy insects!
We are the humble servants of God!

His wisdom will overcome any mountain!
His omnipotence will cross any ocean!
The light of heaven dwells in all things!
Let our bodies be the seedbed!

Praise be to the holy insects!
We are the flock and the shepherd guides us!

Our prayers will be sung all over the world!
They will be heard by all!
At last, we shall exceed the stars in the sky!


  • Image of Sanctuary - Island Sanctuary

    Sanctuary - Island Sanctuary

    Acquirable in Chapter 16. In the north west corner of the chamber.
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