Foreman's Log (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

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Date: October 11
Today was the worst day of my life.
It's my daughter's 5th birthday, but here I am stuck on a mangey boat heading out to some backcountry dump.

If it weren't for the pay, no one would be willing to work out in the middle of nowhere.

Today: October 19
Those in the castle are always reminding us to take care during the excavation, but a few workers collapsed after inhaling some dust. There's something going on here that they're not telling us. There are too many secrets.

I've started coughing too. I should sleep.

Date: October 26
Something's really wrong with me. I threw up blood three more times today, and I'm so weak I can barely move.

Shit, I never should have come here. I came for the money, but instead I am the one paying the price. I'm a terrible father.

I'm so sorry, sweetheart. You deserve better.

Date: October
Since morning, head don't work.
More blood threw up.
Many insects crawling.


A fine day to work.
Digging brings me so much joy.
I am full of happiness.
I offer it all to you.

Everything for you, Lord Saddler.