Chronicles of Pursuit 2 (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

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October, eight years since my awakening—

At last, my noble pursuit progresses to its final stage: the fusion of human and insect.

The housekeeper has graciously volunteered herself for the experiment. I shall pour my whole heart into this endeavor in order to transcend humanity and make Master Ramón proud.

March, nine years since my awakening—

A glorious union has been made! The housekeeper has endured much suffering, but not for naught! Behold, the fruits of our labor in all its beauty!

I shall consecrate this perfect lifeform with the name "U-III," for III is the most beautiful and complete number.

April, nine years since my awakening—

U-III, my dear hound "Pesanta," has been chosen to serve as the right hand of Master Ramón.
But is two not better than one?

Now, it is my turn to demonstrate my loyalty.

His humble servant, Isidro Uriarte Talavera


  • Image of Throne Room - Castle Ballroom 1F, Antechamber & Throne Room

    Throne Room - Castle Ballroom 1F, Antechamber & Throne Room

    On the ornate cabinet on the south side of the west side of the room.
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