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Freeze Rounds (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Image of Freeze Rounds

Grenade Freeze Rounds. Special bullets whose warhead is filled with ultra low temperature liquid nitrogen. Used for Hk-p Grenade Launcher.

Heavy shells filled with Liquid Nitrogen. They are surprisingly powerful, capable of instantly freezing your enemies, allowing you to "shatter" them easily with a conventional weapon.

These rounds are for use with the Hk-p Grenade Launcher. These can be created by combining various combinations of Gun Powder C's with Grenade Rounds.
CategoryWeaponry (Ammunition)


  • Image of Small Library - Clock Tower 1F

    Small Library - Clock Tower 1F

    Freeze Rounds (1×6) - If you chose to jump out of the window of the cable car, you will encounter Carlos here when you first enter the room. He will give these rounds to you.
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