Security Manual (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Image of Security Manual
The manual regarding the security measures to be taken inside the Dead Factory.



"Security of the Plant"
Since this plan is a facility under the disguise of a deserted factory, civilians will sometimes enter. If this should occur, do not hesitate to shoot them. If they choose to surrender, arrest and then transfer them to the laboratory as new guinea pigs. You will be rewarded.

"Maintenance of the Device"
This entire plant is controlled by an epidemic prevention system. When contamination is detected in the treatment room or decomposed specimen pool, the plant will automatically be locked down for isolation. In that case, you must follow the manual to unlock it. If the contamination is over the limit, the whole system will automatically lockdown. Then, you must remain in the plant and wait for subsequent orders. Those who leave the facility without permission will suffer extreme consequences.


  • Image of Monitoring Room - Dead Factory 1F

    Monitoring Room - Dead Factory 1F

    On the bench next to the water monitoring system.
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