Manager's Diary (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

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The last few entries of the Dead Factory Manager's Diary, and his concern over the number of bodies they have to dispose of.



April 25th
Today is my 30th birthday. I was transferred to this facility today. I am very happy because the work environment is very different from life in the university.

May 14th
The disposal system has been completed. Using a special kind of gas, it can decompose the cells of the guinea pigs. We have to try this out before beginning practical usage of the system, since it is not 100% stable yet.

May 20th
While I was checking the treatment room, the door shut, and I was locked inside. I couldn't get out for one hour. I guess even if you have the key card, it's useless when you are locked inside.

June 7th
The guinea pigs we have to dispose of are increasing. The system is not working smoothly. The laboratory staff doesn't listen to my opinions and I am getting extremely frustrated.

July 16th
We can't dispose of all the bodies and the quality of the liquid medicine is not good enough, either...

July 29th
Though the function of the system decreases, the number of the bodies we have to dispose doesn't. The infection level has increased and the antibodies we are using is no match for the new mutation of the virus. Some of the workers have been infected by the disease. I have continued to work, but I always keep a gun with me. I must remember to save one bullet for me. I want to weep. I don't want to die here. I swear that I'll lose my mind if I imagine how painful the death will be...


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