Mercenary's Diary (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

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The diary of a mercenary hired by Umbrella, leading up to and involving the events of Raccoon City.



September 1st
Following six months of intensive training, my body's edge had returned.

I was a good soldier, but they ordered my execution with no reason given. I was tortured and forced to give a false confession.

But on the morning of my execution, a miracle happened. The company had helped me out, giving me a second lease on life.

September 15th
I ended my vacation short and returned to the HQ office. It looks like my UBCS unit's been called into action.

Umbrella maintains its own paramilitary unit to counter corporate terrorism and V.I.P. abduction. In addition, they have nightmen who specialize in handling problems cause by illegal products.

I'm currently a member of the latter.

September 28th
Dawn's here, but we're still slogging through this nightmare. There are no provisions of any kind here. The undead walk the streets feeding upon the flesh of the living.

Given the choice again, I would rather have been executed. Death row was a heavenly asylum compared to this place.

I've chosen to pull the trigger myself, in the hope that my dead body won't come back to life.


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    Zigzag Alley - Uptown

    On the dead body of the mercenary in the northern corner of the alley.
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