City Guide (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

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A message in the form of a city leaflet from the Mayor of Raccoon City, Michael Warren.



City Guide
The Tracks of Our City

Dear citizens,
Thanks to kind and generous people of Umbrella Inc., this is a peaceful and friendly city. The vast donations from Umbrella Inc., have been used for welfare work, the construction of public utilities, and to help maintain public peace.

In 1992, it was my fifth year as mayor of our beautiful city. It was then that through many donations and hard work our city was able to rebuild the municipal building, create a state of the art hospital.

In honor of these fine accomplishments, I was awarded with a grand statue that same year. The statue rests in the municipal building.

I came to this city as an engineer more than 35 years ago. I made contributions to the electric systems, and to the installation of the cable car. I pledge to follow the tradition of this fine city and will devote my life to its prosperity.

The mayor of the city
Michael Warren


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    Restaurant - Downtown

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