Management Trainee's Diary (Resident Evil Zero)

Image of Management Trainee's Diary
Someones perspective of Dr James Marcus research was written down in this diary.


Management Trainee's Diary

What is that Director Marcus is researching all the time?
And what's with his weird interest in leeches?

Interest...? Seems more like love at times...

Rumor has it that there's something dangerous about those leeches.

It is true that when Dennis just touched one he got ill with a fever.

Again today...

There were those horrible moans beyond that door.

"Let sleeping dogs..."
No way I'l go near them.

Even if the Director ordered me. I don't want to end up like Dennis.

That poor bastard.

Scratching and scratching. Makes me itch jost watching him.

Must maybe go
IF can but hwo

Dennis gone. I go