Assistant Director's Diary (Resident Evil Zero)

Image of Assistant Director's Diary
A diary giving you information about Albert Wesker and William Birkin.


Assistant Director's Diary

September 2nd

A useless bunch of trainees, as always.

Where does headquarters find these idiots?

We did get a couple of decent ones, though, so I can't complain I guess.

William and Albert.
They might have a future.

September 25th

Scholar Will. Practical Al. They really are opposites.

And they're always competitive in everything they do.

There's something ruthless and cruel about them both...

October 7th

Got a sudden call from the Director.

It was to tell me to encourage a rivalry between those two!

It's the first time since this training facility was built that Director Marcus has ever shown interest in anything other than his research.

Well, whatever.
Orders are orders.

I am going to have them tearing at each other's throats.