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1st Investigation Unit Notes (Resident Evil Zero)

Image of 1st Investigation Unit Notes
This is a file that describes how the various chemicals you find scattered throughout the facility can be combined to create new compounds. This reveals how you can use the Blue Chemical, the Green Chemical and the Red Chemical to create the Sulfuric Acid and a Stripping Agent.


First Investigation Unit Notes

We are searching the facilities, and it looks like a lot of chemicals survived.

Fortunately, the storage tanks are still full.

We have just started and there is still a lot we don't know, but it appears that the chemicals can be mixed to produce new substances.

The chemicals are scattered all about. Not because of the accident, more a result of a plain mismanagement.

When we re-open the facilities, we will have to develop a system for dealing with these chemicals.

(Something is scrawled on the back of the note.)

Red+Blue=Sulfuric Acid

Green+Red=Stripping Agent