Proto-Tyrant (Resident Evil Zero)

Image of Proto-Tyrant
The prototype Tyrant, developed before the T-002. It has the signature claw, however this time its on its right arm. This experiment was unsuccessful in terms of making a B.O.W. Super Soldier, as it lacked intelligence and was "unstable". However, it did prove to be very worthwhile, as the data gathered was used to create the more successful T-002.

This Tyrant somehow manages to escape its Cryotube and come after you in the Factory. It occasionally charges at you, so these should be avoided by moving out of the way at the last instant. The second time you encounter it is in the Treatment Plant, and the same tactics apply. The Magnum is the best weapon to use in both battles, the Grenade Launcher with Acid Grenades is also good.
Code nameT-001