M1911 (Resident Evil Village)

Image of M1911

A comfortable fully automatic handgun. Hold down the trigger to fire a continuous string of bullets.

This weapon uses Handgun Ammo.

You can also upgrade this weapon with the following attachments:
CategoryWeaponry (Weapon)
Buy price50,000 Lei
Sell price25,105 Lei

Attributes and upgrades

Rate of FireValue0.
Reload SpeedValue2.
Ammo CapacityValue79111315


  • Image of Workshop Building - Village

    Workshop Building - Village

    Inside the locked locker in the north east corner of the building. The combination of the lock can be found by examining the reverse side of the photograph on the nearby workbench and following the hint it gives, namely looking out of the window and combining the numbers you see painted on the window frame and the buildings in the distance.

    The combination needed is "070408".
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