Moreau's Reservoir Maps (Resident Evil Village)

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Highlighted areas showing the location of... West Building

Moreau's Reservoir Entry

Image of EntranceImage of Windmill YardImage of Windmill ShackImage of Windmill ElevatorImage of Moreau's LaboratoryImage of West BuildingImage of Center BuildingImage of East Building
Image of Moreau's Reservoir Entry

Moreau's Reservoir B1

Image of Underground CavernImage of Northern MouthImage of Mining CavernImage of Moreau's Underground StudyImage of Southern Mouth
Image of Moreau's Reservoir B1

Moreau's Reservoir

Image of West JettyImage of East JettyImage of Submerged BankImage of Control PlatformImage of Central WalkwayImage of Scrap PlatformImage of South West HouseImage of Crane PlatformImage of Submerged BoatImage of North WindmillImage of East HousesImage of South East HouseImage of Drowned HousesImage of South WindmillImage of OverlookImage of Gatehouse Front YardImage of GatehouseImage of Gatehouse Back YardImage of Flooded House YardImage of Water Cavern
Image of Moreau's Reservoir