Further Observations (Resident Evil Village)

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One day since treatment.

The three girls have stopped moving. They seem almost dead.

An insect flew out of the eldest's mouth. It appears to be a common fly.

Two days since treatment.

All three bodies are covered in flies.
It appears the flies are consuming their flesh.

When I opened a window some of the flies dropped dead to the floor. It would seem the cold petrifies them. I quickly closed the window to avoid weakening the insects further.

Four days since treatment.

All three bodies have almost been completely consumed by the insects. All that is left is a dark, writhing human-shaped mass of creatures.

It is just after noon and the insects have started to change color. Those around the face turned pale and those around the lips turned a deep crimson.

Six days since treatment.

The mass of insects has transformed into human bodies again.

All three girls awoke, looking at me like newborns. I sense a bond between us. Like mother and daughters.

I have already decided their names: Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra.


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