Development Note 1 (Resident Evil Village)

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Mechanical Soldier: Soldat

ver. 1.00
Fully-grown male corpse used.

Removed heart and implanted Cadou. Muscle stimulation via electric shock was successful.

Brain dead so no high cognitive ability. Only moves by destructive instinct, then stops.

Mechanical Soldier: Soldat

ver. 1.01
Attached headgear to the cranium. Electrodes confirm stable brainwaves.

Experiment One: lycan fight.
Was dismantled and eaten within three minutes.

Issues with destructive and murderous capabilities.

Mechanical Soldier: Soldat

ver. 1.10
Replaced lower part of arm with drill. Not enough output for effective movement.

Need live bodies perhaps?

Mechanical Soldier: Soldat

ver. 1.15
Implanted Cadou reactor into the chest. Output greatly increased.

Experiment Two: lycan fight.
Destroyed three lycans in one minute.

Good results but issues with reactor durability. May stop functioning if the reactor is destroyed.


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