Veltro Agent's Journal 2

A Veltro agent's journal entry from after the attack on Terragrigia.

Game Resident Evil Revelations
Category File
Image of Veltro Agent's Journal 2


Veltro Agent's Journal 2

2004: Mission Elapsed Time 2+ Days

The mission was a success. Terragrigia is now a full-blown hell on Earth. We unleashed the ultimate virus to rend the city with terror and violence. The FBC sent its soldiers, but they were like lambs before lions.

We have achieved our goal! The world will know that they do not have to wait for hell: it's already here! Open your eyes, world! Open your eyes to the truth!

Bernard Corti

2004: Mission Elapsed Time 5+ Days

This ship has been contaminated. The virus has turned my comrades into horrible monsters, and these monsters turn everyone else into monsters! Why is this happening? We were going to bring hell to the masses, not have hell brought to us!

The same thing is happening at the Semiramis. The virus has contaminated all the ships. It cannot be a coincidence! Someone was using us all along.

But who? None of us would ever betray Veltro. The only one who would do this is our mysterious financier. He's the only one who's not here. Norman! We need your guidance! Deliver us from this evil

(The rest of the paper is missing.)


Image of Experiment Room - Laboratory Upper Level - Queen Zenobia

Experiment Room - Laboratory Upper Level - Queen Zenobia

  • Episode 9-2 onwards. On the desk in the south west corner of the room.