Veltro Agent's Journal 1

A Veltro agent's journal entry from before the attack on Terragrigia.

Game Resident Evil Revelations
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Image of Veltro Agent's Journal 1


Veltro Agent's Journal 1


We are at last putting our final plan into action. Jack Norman, our leader and brother in arms, came up with this plan. When we first heard it, we had our doubts that it could even be pulled off. But now the time has come to enact this extraordinary plan thanks to the steel will of our comrades and the one who supported out ideals with his power and influence. He has prepared these ships for our use. These luxury liners are symbols of the degradation of humanity, and will be fitting vessels for the distribution of the virus that will purge humanity. I have been assigned the task of boarding the Queen Zenobia for our mission

Bernard Corti

2004 - 12 hours until mission start

My body's trembling, and I can't stop it. It could be the excitement or fear, or both. Strange biological organisms created by the virus are milling around the secret lab in the bilge. The virus can be dissolved in water, so anyone who drinks the water will turn into a monster.
The Hunter-type B.O.W. was infected off site, and will spread the virus on land. The decadent eyesore that is the floating city will soon be turn into a veritable hell on Earth.

We must bring hell to the people, or the scales will not fall from their eyes. That is how Norman phrased it. If that grizzled financier of ours believes in Norman, then we who serve him must do so as well.

Bernard Corti


Image of Storage Room - Observation Deck Level 2 - Queen Zenobia

Storage Room - Observation Deck Level 2 - Queen Zenobia

  • Episode 6-2 onwards. On the storage crate next to the ladder.