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Piece of a Manifesto (Resident Evil Revelations)

Image of Piece of a Manifesto

Piece of a manifesto for the terrorist group Veltro.



(It looks like a piece of a manifesto.)

Destiny, and I do not mean to sound flippant, is made before we even get a say, and is the will of a higher power.

The impure will not be cursed; it is their destiny to be torn apart by the fangs of the hounds.

I cannot spare sympathy for the victims of this world: they are the ones who created it. It is the same world that robbed this dog of its bite.

No longer will I howl; I will sharpen my fangs. No longer will I roar; I will sharpen my claws. All our comrades are waiting for the time when they may sacrifice themselves to the cause. Only the hounds are pure of purpose, and it is only they who may purge the world.

We do not hunt alone. We hunt in packs. We are Veltro.

Earl Brinvico