History of the Queen Zenobia

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History of the Queen Zenobia

Tonnage: 148,000 gross tons
Displacement: 90,000 tons
Length: 335.8 m
Beam: 52.3 m
Height: 93.97 m
Propulsion: Electric diesel propulsion
Crew: 1094 officers and crew
Passengers: 2200

This Paraguas Line flagship was constructed in 1978. The interior is designed to replicate that of ships of the 1930s, the "golden age of cruise ships." The design was based on blueprints left by George Trevor before his disappearance. Newspapers from the time of the ship's construction report accolades the design received.

The ship herself is named after Zenobia, the queen of the Palmyrene Empire who was deposed by the Romans. Like the legendary beauty of her namesake, this ship is also known as "The Beauty of the Atlantic," and remained one of the most popular cruise ships built in the 20th century.

With the rise of air travel supplanting the popularity of long, sea-faring voyages, it looked like the Queen Zenobia, along with her sister ship, was destined to be junked in the late 80s.

Fortunately, she was purchased by the Paraguas Line and her steam turbines were replaced with an electric diesel propulsion system. Her hold and cabin areas were expanded, and she was upgraded with the latest technology. The Queen Zenobia was reborn as a fully functioning luxury liner.

After its restoration, the Queen Zenobia set out on a cruise around the world, followed by one around South America, and many, many others. In the future, she will find her main harbor in the Mediterranean for her cruises around Africa. The Queen Zenobia will be bringing pleasure to passengers for years to come.

The History of the Queen Zenobia
1995 Edition


Image of Captain's Private Cabin - Bridge Lower Level - Queen Zenobia

Captain's Private Cabin - Bridge Lower Level - Queen Zenobia

  • Episode 3-2 onwards. On the desk on the east side of the room.