Small Leech

Game Resident Evil Outbreak
Category Enemy
Image of Small Leech
Small Leeches are ordinary blood-sucking parasites that have grown to double their normal size through Dr. James Marcus' genetic tampering. Small Leeches infest the Raccoon Hospital, travelling from corridor to corridor via the ventilation system, looking for fresh blood sources.


Image of Office - Hospital 1F

Office - Hospital 1F

  • 1 Small Leech - Slithering around on the floor.

Image of Nurses' Station - Hospital 2F

Nurses' Station - Hospital 2F

  • 2 Small Leechs - Burst from the medicine cabinet next to the door when you examine it.

Image of B1F Passage - Hospital B1F

B1F Passage - Hospital B1F

  • Small Leechs - Drop down the ceiling as you pass through the passage.

Image of Elevator Control Room - Hospital B1F

Elevator Control Room - Hospital B1F

  • 3 Small Leechs - On the elevator control panel.

Image of Waste Liquid Disposal Room - Hospital B1F

Waste Liquid Disposal Room - Hospital B1F

  • 2 Small Leechs - One is crawling around the upper level, the other is in the water canal in the lower level.

Image of B2F Passage - Hospital B2F

B2F Passage - Hospital B2F

  • 1 Small Leech - Drops from the ceiling as you pass. Only after killing the Leech Man.