Leech Man (Resident Evil Outbreak)

Image of Leech Man
The Leech Man is a human host body coated with and controlled by genetically altered leeches developed by Umbrella scientist Dr. James Marcus. The creature seeks to attack living human beings in order to drain their blood, and can sense the presence of suitable victims in rooms several corridors away. The Leech Man uses the ventilation system of the hospital to travel from room to room.

It is pointless to use any weapons on the Leech Man as it is practically invulnerable to standard attacks. Instead you must face the Leech Man in the Fixed Temperature Laboratory. Lure him into the main room using a Blood Pack on the floor. Once there, activate the temperature controls in the adjacent room and turn the heat up. This will defeat the Leech Man. However, if one of your applies dies during the scenario, there is a high probability that they will become a second Leech Man. The temperature trick only works once, so you cannot repeat this method once you have killed the first Leech Man.