Recovery Medicine (Resident Evil Outbreak)

Heals a small amount of your wounds.

CategoryCommon item
Image of Recovery Medicine
A small pill that restores a small amount of health.

Taking one of these has a similar effect to using a Green Herb. However, you can carry multiple quantities of these items in a single inventory slot, giving them an advantage over herbs.

George can create recovery medicine by combining a Blue Herb with his Medical Set. Additionally, if you find some Recovery Medicine Base, he can combine these with his Medical Set to create recovery medicine.


There are no locations to show.
  • Image of Office - Hospital 1F

    Office - Hospital 1F

    1 × Recovery Medicine - Inside the locked draws on the north side of the room. You need to use Alyssa's I-Shaped Pick to unlock it.

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  • Image of Study Room - University B1F

    Study Room - University B1F

    1 × Recovery Medicine - On the display cabinet on the east side of the room.

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  • Image of B2F Passage Elevator - University B2F

    B2F Passage Elevator - University B2F

    1 × Recovery Medicine - Given to you by George who is sitting in the south east area next to the manhole. He only appears here if you or any of your fellow AIPC's are not George.

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