Hemostat (Resident Evil Outbreak)

Stops bleeding.

CategoryCommon item
Image of Hemostat
A small white and red pill that can be used to stop bleeding.

If a character is inflicted the the "BLEED" status, taking one of these pills will stop the bleeding and return them to normal movement speed if possible.

George can create hemostat pills by combining Red Herbs with his Medical Set.


  • Image of Nurses' Center - Hospital 3F

    Nurses' Center - Hospital 3F

    1 × Hemostat - On the window ledge on the south side of the room. Only accessible after triggering the cut-scene where the elevator power gets restored, after which the barricade becomes passable.

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  • Image of Office - Hospital 1F

    Office - Hospital 1F

    1 × Hemostat - Inside the draws on the north side of the room.

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  • Image of Treatment Room - Hospital 1F

    Treatment Room - Hospital 1F

    1 × Hemostat - On the examination table.

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