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Serpent Emblem (Resident Evil 6)

Image of Serpent Emblem
A large turquoise emblem.

There are a total of 80 of these emblems scattered throughout the game, with each character's chapter containing exactly 4 emblems. When you find or see one of these emblems, you need to smash it in order to "collect" it. Finding and smashing these emblems will unlock Files, and eventually Figurines, inside the Special Features section of the Resident Evil 6 game menu.
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  • Image of Leon - Chapter 1

    Leon - Chapter 1

    Campus - Visitors Room. When you meet up with the survivor called Robert looking for his daughter. In the room he was in is a closet, and the emblem is on top of the top shelf.
    Campus. In the office where you go and find the Campus Keycard. The emblem is inside one of the desk draws.
    Underground. When you enter the second part of the underground subway tunnels, the emblem is underneath the front of the parked train to your right.
    The Town. Inside the bar, where you encounter several survivors. The emblem is against the wall to the left of the exit double doors.
  • Image of Leon - Chapter 2

    Leon - Chapter 2

    Forest Cemetery. When you reach the part of the cemetery path where it slopes uphill, the emblem is on an obelisk headstone nearby.
    Cathedral. When you ascend to the upper level of the main hall, look to the cluster of round stained-glass windows above the cathedral entrance doors. The emblem is sitting in one of the windows.
    Underground Lab. After unlocking the gates with the control panel, there is a bathroom on the left side of the corridor containing a Zombie on the toilet. The emblem is inside the sink, but you need to drain it before you can see it.
    Primitive Altar Entrance. After escaping the underground lab you enter a series of tunnels. After you've crawled under the second archway there is a tall clay pot to your left. Smash the pot and you will see the emblem against the cave wall.
  • Image of Leon - Chapter 3

    Leon - Chapter 3

    Altar Corridor. At the very start of the chapter, head into the large circular room. The emblem is on a ledge high above you.
    Catacombs. When you reach the area with multiple sarcophagi, there is one on the bit of dry land in the middle that can be opened. The emblem is inside it.
    Cavern. After you have rolled a boulder out of the way and crossed some very narrow bridges, the emblem will be visible in the distance on the far side of the cavern. You probably need to use a sniper rifle to destroy it.
    Underground Water Channel. When you finally emerge from the water, there is a ladder leading to the upper paths of the cave. Continue along until you cross a bridge leading to a stone block tunnel. One of the broken barrels in this tunnel contains the emblem.
  • Image of Leon - Chapter 4

    Leon - Chapter 4

    Inside the Airplane. From the cockpit descend the stairs. You will find that the crew luggage compartment is open, and the emblem is visible on the right side.
    Inside the Airplane. When you find yourself in the cargo hold, there is an area that contains big gas cylinders. Examine the glass cabinet on the right side to find the emblem.
    Market. In the corner on the left side of the street from when you first enter the market area, you need to equip a sniper rifle and look diagonally to the left. In the distance to the left of the neon sign is the emblem.
    Market. During your journey through the market you will witness a man being attacked. The emblem is located in a small shop down a side alley from where you find his dead body.
  • Image of Leon - Chapter 5

    Leon - Chapter 5

    Port Area. When you enter the clothes shop to escape the fog, you will find the emblem inside the shelving unit on the back wall.
    High-Rise Area. You will enter a BSAA garage with several parked vehicles. The emblem is inside the back of the large truck parked to the left of the entrance.
    High-Rise Area. After escaping the helicopter crash, proceed over the right-hand railing. The emblem is found on the shelves behind the reception desk.
    Quad Tower Roof. During the final battle with Simmons, there will be a set of stairs with smashable item boxes. The emblem is located underneath the stairs, on the wall behind the bars.
  • Image of Chris - Chapter 1

    Chris - Chapter 1

    Main Street. When you enter the butcher's shop, the emblem is on the shelves at the back.
    Back Street. In the room at the end of the alley, the door to which requires a partner action to open. The emblem is behind the smashable crates in the corner of this room.
    Rooftops. When at the top of the highest rooftop in the initial area, look away from the wooden bridge with a sniper rifle. The emblem is located on a post on top of a building under construction in the distance.
    Tenement. When you descend to level 6, walk down the central aisle until you pass a butcher's shop on the left. The emblem is located behind the counter.
  • Image of Chris - Chapter 2

    Chris - Chapter 2

    City in Eastern Europe. In the section where Fin plants the charges in the Rail Yard and yells to "take cover", you need to go into the territory where the J'avo are emerging from and head for the far-right corner. The emblem is visible through the windows of the small building at the back.
    The Bridge. This emblem is only available if you are playing as Piers. After you have destroyed the enemy tank with the oil tanker, proceed along the concrete path and look at the beams below the bridge. The emblem will be visible next to the first support column.
    City Hall. In the corridor behind the central stairs. The emblem is on the wall of the corridor.
    City Hall. When you meet up with Ada, there is a small room in back. The emblem is on top one of the cabinets in the corner of this room.
  • Image of Chris - Chapter 3

    Chris - Chapter 3

    Tenement - Poisawan Entrance. After emerging from the playground gate, move to the end of the street on the left. The emblem is located on a pile of boxes in the corner.
    Poisawan Inner Area. After you break into the living quarters with your team, proceed into the bedroom on the left. The emblem is located on the lower bunk bed.
    Stilt Housing Area. After leaping from boat to boat across this area you will eventually find yourself in a pagoda-style building. When you're at the bottom of this building, look across the water. The emblem is located on a greenish hut on the lake, which you must shoot from a distance.
    Main Thoroughfare. During the sequence where you are driving the jeep through the city and taking down enemies, you will eventually find yourself in a parking garage. The emblem is located on a double decker bus at the back, which you must shoot before taking out the group of J'avo.
  • Image of Chris - Chapter 4

    Chris - Chapter 4

    Aircraft Carrier - Rear Hangar. In the centre of the hangar there is a large helicopter with its doors open. The emblem is inside the cockpit of the helicopter.
    Aircraft Carrier - Rear Hangar. After emerging from the hangar, look out towards the cruiser in the water with a sniper rifle. The emblem is on a dinghy behind the cruiser.
    Aircraft Carrier - Bridge. After proceeding through the radar room and communications centre, you ascend a ladder. At the top is a set of stairs, and the emblem is underneath these stairs, visible between the gaps.
    Airspace over Aircraft Carrier. When you are in control of Piers whilst Chris is piloting the jet, you will be destroying containers. After the first container has been destroyed, head towards the back of the carrier and slide over some girders before turning right. The emblem is located inside a tire.
  • Image of Chris - Chapter 5

    Chris - Chapter 5

    Underwater Facility. Near the start of the chapter where, as Chris, you need to crawl underneath the fan, look upwards to spot the emblem.
    Underwater Facility. After riding the elevator to the command centre, look upwards to spot the emblem on the ceiling.
    Emergency Escape Route. At the final section of the first leg of the emergency escape route, look down to the floor to the left to spot the emblem.
    Emergency Escape Route. During the final section of the chapter where Piers has to destroy the mucous blocking the passage, wait until he has to clear the last one. Move to the right side of the platform and look down to spot the emblem.
  • Image of Jake - Chapter 1

    Jake - Chapter 1

    The Sewer. After climbing out of the sewers into the town area, proceed along the path until you reach an old building. The emblem is above the doorway.
    The Sewer. When you reach the section of the town area where Jake performs swings using the horizontal poles, keep going until you reach the uppermost level. Before you reach the wooden bridge, the emblem will be on the right attached to the bridge's damaged vertical beam.
    Water Channel. This emblem can only be acquired when playing as Sherry. After escaping Ustanak for the first time and finding yourself in a small bathroom, look in the corner. Use the partner action to hoist Sherry up to the upper level to find the emblem.
    Underground Passage. After emerging from the underground passage, the emblem will be high on the far wall directly ahead of you.
  • Image of Jake - Chapter 2

    Jake - Chapter 2

    Mountain Path. In the timber yard area there is a crane parked. The emblem is located in the driver's seat.
    Mountain Path. After locating the FOS Memory Device A on the western rise, look to the south for the radio tower. The emblem is located on the top of the tower.
    Snow-Covered Mountain. As you are descending the mountain on the snowmobiles, keep to the right side to spot the emblem. You need to ride into it to smash it.
    Cave. In the area with the small maze leading to the exit, the emblem is located behind you as you ascend the final stairs. However, you need to shoot it with a sniper rifle whilst standing relatively close to the dumpster otherwise Ustanak will catch you.
  • Image of Jake - Chapter 3

    Jake - Chapter 3

    Research Facility - Detention Center. When you take control of the gun-mounted camera as Jake to help Sherry, look at the shelves in the lower corner near the exit for the emblem.
    Research Facility - Living Quarters. Inside the storage room is a row of shelves dividing the room. The emblem is located in the middle of these shelves.
    Research Facility - Entrance. When the tank smashes in through into the lobby, it destroys the statue in the middle of the room. The emblem is among the debris of the statue.
    Research Facility - Entrance. In the area outside where the tank smashes through the wall, look behind the stone stairs leading up to a pagoda-style building. The emblem is resting against the wall.
  • Image of Jake - Chapter 4

    Jake - Chapter 4

    City and Highway. This emblem can only be acquired when playing as Sherry. During the finale of the motorcycle pursuit the game play goes into slow-motion to allow you to shoot the oil tanker. Look to the upper left to spot the emblem on top of a building sign.
    Poisawan - Shopping District. Immediately after surviving the attack chopper, you will be in an alleyway with barriers to jump over. When going down the long alleyway, there is a car parked on the left that has the emblem on its windshield.
    Shopping District. When you are navigating the platforms on the sides of buildings, you will eventually be dropped onto the street below. When this happens, return around and head towards a parked taxi. The emblem is located to the right on a newsstand in the corner.
    Shopping District. After falling onto the street you will find a ladder to climb onto some scaffolding. When at the top of the ladder, turn around and look down at the street below. The emblem can be seen sitting on a newsstand.
  • Image of Jake - Chapter 5

    Jake - Chapter 5

    Underwater Facility 1. After reclaiming all of your equipment and finishing the fight with Rasklapanje, proceed back inside and look above you. The emblem is located in the corner.
    Underwater Facility 1. In the area with all of the refrigerated specimens, the emblem is located inside one of the glass cabinets.
    Underwater Facility 2. In the maintenance level area that contains the metal walkways over the lava-filled floor, the emblem is located at the base of one of the stone pillars.
    Shipping Center. After leaving the area with the lava-filled floor via the corridor, the emblem is located to the right next to a gas tank in the corner.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 1

    Ada - Chapter 1

    Submarine Interior. When you find yourself n a sleeping area with a bed and a cabinet, the emblem is located on top of the cabinet.
    Submarine - Reactor. The emblem is located on one of the support pillars in the main reactor room. It is easiest to spot if you head all the way to the back of the room and then turn around.
    Submarine - Reactor. When you are running to escape the flood, at one point roughly halfway up the maintenance shaft will be the emblem of the right of one of the ladders.
    Submarine - Torpedo Room. You start on the upper level before jumping down and encountering a Gnezdo. On this level attached behind the central partition is the emblem.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 2

    Ada - Chapter 2

    Forest Cemetery. When you find yourself in the cathedral grounds where all the gravestones are, look behind the largest grave. The emblem will be attached to the back of the headstone.
    Forest Cemetery. After you've used the Simmons Family Crest Piece's B and C to unlock the door, proceed into the crypt and jump down the hole. Upon landing immediately turn around and look up and you will see the emblem.
    Underground Lab. In the area that has all of the half-open gates, with several Whopper's lurking around. You will find the emblem on the far side next to the pool of water, and can be seen from the slope area in the corner.
    Underground Lab. When you descend into the underground tunnels, the emblem will be behind you when you land.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 3

    Ada - Chapter 3

    Tenement - Bin Street. At the point where your path down the main street is blocked by partitions, look to your left. The emblem is located inside one of the stalls selling jewellery and trinkets.
    Tenement - Bin Street. When you witness a J'avo gun down several innocent civilians, continue down the street until you can access the area behind the stalls. In this area are some partitions, one of which has the emblem inside of it.
    Shopping District. When riding on top of the bus, it will stop temporarily next to some scaffolding. The emblem is attached to a building to the left.
    Train. After riding the train you use the grappling hook to access the apartment. As you proceed down the stairs of the apartment, look down the gap to the bottom level. The emblem will be just visible at the bottom.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 4

    Ada - Chapter 4

    Aircraft Carrier - Bridge. When you're outside and you've used the grappling hook to escape the spotlights of the patrol boat, look to your left to find the emblem in the corner.
    Aircraft Carrier Interior. After witnessing Carla's fall you proceed back inside the carrier, and proceed down a couple flights of stairs and down a hatch. Eventually there will be a room with broken lockers, the emblem is inside one of these lockers.
    Aircraft Carrier Interior. After witnessing Carla mutate, you yet again head back inside the carrier. Before jumping down the hatch, check the left side of the hatch for the emblem.
    Aircraft Carrier Interior. As you are running to escape the mutated Carla, you eventually find yourself in a room that has a giant mutated spore with the face of Carla in the corner. When you deal enough damage to stun Carla, run to the left instead of going through the doorway. This leads to a hall that contains the emblem.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 5

    Ada - Chapter 5

    High-Rise Area. When you are piloting the helicopter over the streets to help Leon and Helena, there will be a yellow truck nearby on the right. The emblem is in the truck bed.
    High-Rise Area. When you encounter the attack helicopter, move down to the right and look for the emblem on top of a sign.
    Quad Tower Roof. When you've finished with fending off the attack helicopter you proceed to the quad tower roof. Before taking out the zombies on the second roof, fly to the left and look on the lower section of the roof for the emblem.
    Quad Tower Roof. After landing the helicopter you will use the grappling hook to propel yourself up to some girders. From here, use a sniper rifle and look to the left. The emblem is on the roof near a pipe.
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