Whopper (Resident Evil 6)

Image of Whopper
This super-sized zombie isn't tricky or threatening but is durable and difficult to defeat. They require significant ammunition to take down and aren't easily thwarted by counter-attacks or martial arts.


  • Image of Leon - Chapter 1

    Leon - Chapter 1

    1 Whopper - Gun Shop. When you retreat into the upstairs back room, the door will eventually be knocked down by one of these enemies.
    1 Whopper - Gun Shop. When you reach the balcony area outside above the gun shop, one of these will emerge from the side and climb over the railing.
    1 Whopper - Gun Shop. When you board the escape bus, one of these will block your escape route.
  • Image of Leon - Chapter 3

    Leon - Chapter 3

    Whoppers - Cavern. You will encounter several of these creatures guarding the exits of the wooden bridges in this area.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 2

    Ada - Chapter 2

    1 Whopper - Altar Corridor. In the room at the end of the crawlspace containing the rotating blades that leads to the Zombie holding the Red Eye.
    4 Whoppers - Underground Lab. In the area that has all of the half-open gates, you will encounter Whopper's in several of the sections, including one wading around in the nearby pool, and another will drop when you reach the far side after using the Laboratory Key.
  • Image of Ada - Chapter 5

    Ada - Chapter 5

    1 Whopper - Quad Tower Roof. As you are coming in to land on the third and final rooftop, amongst the Zombies will be one of these that you must kill before you can land.
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