Mine Thrower (Resident Evil 4)

This weapon fires custom "mines" that attach to objects and detonate after a period of time.

Image of Mine Thrower
The Mine Thrower is a class of its own despite its many drawbacks. Its low base price alone invites you to try it out. Once a mine reaches its target (the docking procedure does not cause damage of itself) it begins to blink red and emits a beeping signal that becomes faster over time. After about 3 seconds the mine finally explodes, causing the same amount of damage as a Hand Grenade. This weapon uses Mine-Darts for its ammunition, and can be upgraded by combining it with a Scope.

Buy price: 9,800 pesetas

Sell price: 2,400 pesetas

Attributes and upgrades:
FirepowerValue2 m4 m6 m
Firing speedValue1.33
Reload speedValue3.432.57

Exclusive upgrade: Mine-Darts turn into homing projectiles. Price: 30,000 pesetas


  • Image of Chapter 3-1 onwards

    Chapter 3-1 onwards

    Available to purchase from the Merchant.