Chicago Typewriter (Resident Evil 4)

A powerful .45 caliber machinegun that fires infinite bullets! Fire away Chicago-style.

Category Weaponry
Image of Chicago Typewriter
For a mere bargain price, you get one of the most insane weapons of the game. It fires hight-power bullets - on par with that of a shotgun - as fast as a TMP. Unleash a barrage of death and destruction on all your foes without breaking a sweat. This weapon comes with an unlimited supply of bullets.

Buy price: 1,000,000 pesetas

Sell price: 500,000 pesetas

Firepower Value 10.0
Price -
Firing speed Value 0.10
Price -
Reload speed Value 2.83
Price -
Capacity Value Infinite
Price -


  • Image of Chapter 1-1 onwards

    Chapter 1-1 onwards

    Available to purchase from the Merchant after completing the game at least once.