Rocket Launcher (Resident Evil 4)

Do major damage to any target. (Single fire)

Image of Rocket Launcher
A single shot will defeat even the toughest enemy. The rocket inflicts two types of damage - one is caused by the impact, the other by the explosion. While the direct hits deals the greatest damage, the following explosion usually guarantees the timely demise of most targets. The blast radius is 8 metres, so keep your distance. After you have fired your rocket, the weapon disappears from your inventory.

Buy price: 30,000 pesetas

Sell price: 15,000 pesetas


  • Image of Chapter 1-2 onwards

    Chapter 1-2 onwards

    Available to purchase from the Merchant.

  • Image of Chapter 3-3 to Chapter 4-1

    Chapter 3-3 to Chapter 4-1

    Inside the exhibition case in the exhibition room of the castle.