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Subject Analysis: Regenerador (Resident Evil 4 Remake - Separate Ways)

Image of Subject Analysis: Regenerador
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Date: April 9

At last, I have created new life.
I call it "Regenerador."

Its metabolic capacity is incredible. Unless all the parasites residing within the organism are destroyed, its tissue can regenerate indefinitely.

Date: April 10

Upon examining the body with a biosensor scope, I was able to confirm that the parasites behave like vital organs for the host, almost as through it has multiple hearts!

This new creation of mine is essentially immortal. Surely, even Dr. Frankenstein himself would want to shake my hand in admiration!

Date: April 13

I shared the news of my achievement with that pretentious bastard colleague of mine. His face went white! Then, he started scribbling something in his notebook. I thought he'd be impressed, but instead he actually had the nerve to warn me of the so-called dangers.

He's a fool. I have everything under control.


The subject went wild and escaped from its cryogenic tank.

I was the real fool.


  • Image of Incubation Lab - Island Facility 1F

    Incubation Lab - Island Facility 1F

    On the small metal medical trolley in the middle of the room.
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