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Comms Log: Wesker #6 (Resident Evil 4 Remake - Separate Ways)

Image of Comms Log: Wesker #6
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Wesker: So, what's become of the Amber?

Ada: Sorry. Nothing yet. But my little helper is creating quite the commotion.
Everything will work out just fine.

Wesker: As long as you can keep your dog under control.

Ada: He's a good boy. Predictable.

Wesker: Fine. Keep your mutt.
But don't come crying to me if you get bit.


  • Image of Tower D Battlements - Castle Battlements Level 4

    Tower D Battlements - Castle Battlements Level 4

    He contacts you here when you first enter this location.
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There are no locations to show for this game mode. The following game modes are applicable:

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