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This is the personal training log of U.B.C.S. soldier Murphy Seeker.
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July 10th
202 lbs / 12 laps of the yard / 2 circuits

Suck it, prison! The Umbrella Corporation just recruited me for a job. A JOB! Don't know how they're gonna wipe out a life sentence for murdering twenty gangbangers, but whatever. I'll take it. Beats shitting away the rest of my days behind bars.

I gotta get back into shape.

July 26th
196 lbs / 20 km run / 3 circuits
Target practice at 400 yds, 5 misses

Caught the chain yesterday and got moved to a U.B.C.S. training camp, where I fired my first bullet in two whole years. Missed a stationary target by 5 inches at 400 yards—I never fucking do that! It's like I forgot everything.

Doesn't matter. I'll get sharp again. Watch me.

August 15th
190 lbs / 30 km run / 3 circuits
Target practice at 600 yds, 2 misses

OK, I've got my shot grouping down to 3 inches. Feeling good, feeling good. After lunch, they put me through my first mock battle. The cap and the other guys are good people, and goddam beasts of war at that, but what the fuck is up with that lunatic Nicholai? He used me as a fucking human shield just to score some extra points.

September 25th
181 lbs / 30 km run / 4 circuits
Target practice at 600 yds, no misses

Murphy's back, baby! You'll never see ME miss another target. Tomorrow I go on my first mission: riot control in Raccoon City. I think Jimmy would've liked that. My brother was always the first to reach out and help people, right up until those street punks took him away from me. Now it's my turn to do some good for a change—the way I know best.


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