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Downtown Maps (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

Redstone Street Station

Image of Central Street EntranceImage of Maintenance CorridorImage of Platform NorthImage of Subway CarImage of Platform SouthImage of Platform EntryImage of West Access PassageImage of Shipment AreaImage of East Access PassageImage of Janitor's Storeroom
Image of Redstone Street Station


Image of Subway Ticket GateImage of South AvenueImage of Main AvenueImage of SupermarketImage of Toy ShopImage of StepsImage of Half-renovated Building RooftopImage of Shopping PlazaImage of Donut ShopImage of Donut Shop KitchenImage of Business StreetImage of Side AlleyImage of PharmacyImage of Storage EntryImage of Drugstore StorageImage of WalkwayImage of Garage EntryImage of ToolshopImage of GarageImage of Back AlleyImage of Substation StreetImage of ScaffoldingImage of Adjoining AlleyImage of Large YardImage of HouseImage of House BedroomImage of Small AlleyImage of StreetImage of Gun ShopImage of Industry StreetImage of Construction Yard
Image of Downtown

Subway Office

Image of EntranceImage of StaffroomImage of Control Room
Image of Subway Office

Subway Power Substation

Image of Substation ExteriorImage of Maintenance RoomImage of Control RoomImage of Outdoor AreaImage of Power Maze AImage of Power Maze BImage of Walkway
Image of Subway Power Substation